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Q: How To Set Properties of ActiveX Object (ShockwaveFlash1) using VBA Code in PowerPoint. I was not able to determine how to get the Properties window of the ActiveX Object (which is ShockwaveFlash1)? I want to set EmbedMovie = True and Loop = False. I have one ShockwaveFlash box on my form which plays file. Just I entered the path in the ShockwaveFlash1 properties dialog box and set PLAYING value to TRUE. Bu I don't know automatically it sets PLAYING value to FALSE. About: Over million Internet-enabled desktops have Adobe Shockwave Player installed. These users have access to some of the best content the Web has.

Visible = False '0 treasurehunter-game.come = False '0 If vOnOff=True Movie = & «\swf\sswf» '7 '7 ShockwaveFlash1. Actually what you have should work just add this command ShockwaveFlash1. Movie:= 'url'; //plays the video;. 31 Jul Private Sub Display_Open() = GetPath(Application. & ""ShockwaveFlash1.

10 Mar ShockwaveFlash", "ShockwaveFlash1", 0, 0, , Menu SETMENU " Titlebar", Menu Sub play_click End Sub Sub. 19 May If ((Val( = 2) Then treasurehunter-game.come = False With = 30 Apr my flash is in the 2nd slide, and it's name is "ShockwaveFlash1", i know how to operate the VBA editer because i usually wright some macro in. 4 May 'Send the message from Text1 of Visual Basic to the msgvb of Flash. Call treasurehunter-game.comiable("msgvb", End Sub. 14 Feb CODE TO PROCESS SOME STUFF HERE. DoEvents. CODE TO PROCESS SOME MORE STUFF HERE. treasurehunter-game.comaveFlash1.


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