Marketing Plan Treasure Hunter - E-Dinar

Treasure Hunter Edinar has a marketing plan or business system that is very simple and very easy to learn.

100% Guarantee you will get the PROFIT run this business.

In this case a networker's success is his ability to consistently run this marketing plan system and recruit new members. In addition, the ability of service as a leader is very influential on loyalty and business continuity. So before you run the business system of Treasure Hunter Edinar please refer to the following brief explanation.

The Costs Become a Premium Member

Everyone can download and play the Treasure Hunter Edinar game, but only PREMIUM members can withdraw this game coin become edinar cryptocurrency. To become a member PREMIUM only pay 200 edinar. It can buy to upline directly or through account dashboard.

4 Ways to make money:

  1. Refferal commission
  2. This bonus is earned when you introduce new people to be recruited into your network. Each time you get a new member / agent, you will get 20 E-Dinar

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  3. Pairing Commisison
  4. You will have 2 groups Group A (Left sales group) dan Group B (Right sales group). Everytime there is a new member in group A and another one in group B will make you earn 20 E-Dinar of sales match commission are 12 pairs (Flushout). So your earnings per day maximum of: 12 pairs x 20 E-Dinar = 240 E-Dinar.

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  5. Royalty commision
  6. This bonus is earned from the number of coins generated by the member you sponsor, your commission are 5% of their coin amount. This commission is infinite

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  7. Commission per hour playing
  8. You will get bonus 50 coin per 1 hour when you play the game. Every hour you will get 50 coins

Reward Coin

After becoming a Premium member, you get the opportunity to get 10,000 coin edinar, just by inviting friends to play this game and of course they become premium members as well

After you becoming PREMIUM MEMBER, If in 90 days you can invite friends to join the Treasure hunter game. The coin reward you can get are:

100 member = 2000 E-Dinar coin

500 member = 15.000 E-Dinar coin

1000 member = 25.000 E-Dinar coin